Cam follower installation hint 1

Cam Follower (tappet) installation on a 1275 Spridget Engine

If your fingers are getting stiff from arthritis like mine you probably find it more difficult to install the cam followers in a 1275 engine.

With installation lube everywhere they are slippery to hold and navigate into the proper position to drop in.

I have used a pushrod to push up the cam followers for removal but not until today did I think of using one for installation.

Of course the engine is upside down for this procedure.

cam follower installation hint 2

Push the pushrod up through the cam follower hole as far as you can and drop the cam follower onto the end of the pushrod. You can now navigate the cam follower into position from below and all you need is a gentle push from above.

I use a brass rod to push the follower into position and then move the follower up and down several times to distribute the lubricant.

Hope it works for you!

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