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Crude but Effective Small Parts Washer

You know how much trouble it is to clean all those small nuts, bolts,and washers when you are rebuilding an engine or something.

Here is a crude but effective answer.

Pictured is a small parts washer I put together from a barbecue cooker basket and screen wire.

I bought the basket at Wally World for cheap and pressed some 1/4″ squares screen wire into the basket and on the inside of the top. Secured with small cable ties.

Put the parts in the basket, close and lock the lid.

You can soak them in your parts washer, spray them with brake cleaner, pressure wash them or use whatever cleaning method suits you.

The parts stay in the basket and are easy to retrieve once they are clean.

Great for cleaning wrenches and other tools too!

Also good for larger parts that can fit in the basket.

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