An Easy Way To Remove Stubborn Parts.


This example uses the front cover of A Spridget transmission, a part I have found difficult to remove, especially if rtv has been used to seal the cover to the transmission case.

You can use the idea for any part on the transmission such as the side cover which has to be removed from the case or the shift mechanism.

The same goes for parts such as the front or back plate on the engine. On certain applications you may want to use a larger set screw.

The first picture shows the front cover with a small hole next to one of the quarter inch mounting holes. The small hole goes through the plate and is tapped for the small set screw also shown in the picture along with the wrench used to install. It is important to choose a location that has a solid surface under the small hole so that the set screw can be used to remove the front plate.

The second picture shows the set screw in the tapped hole. It also shows stamped into the front cover the size Allen wrench that is needed. Since I don’t take the transmission apart often, I forget what size wrench is needed. This keeps me from bringing the whole set of Allen wrenches to the task!

There is another tapped hole on the opposite side of the cover.

At assembly time, put small dab of rtv on the threads of the set screws, insert them and screw them down until the other end is just below the mating surface of the plate.

Install the plate as you normally do.

When it comes time to remove the plate, turn the set screws down until you see the plate rising off the face of the case.

This action breaks whatever seal has been established and makes the removal easy.

I use gray rtv to “glue” my race transmissions together to eliminate leaks but without the set screws it is hard to get apart!


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