5 Main Bearing MGB Oil Pan Reinforcement Plates Stop Leaks


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8 in stock


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The MGB oil pan reinforcement plates will stop oil leakage from the front and rear of your 5 main bearing oil pan.

The front and rear are more susceptible to leaks for two reasons:

The oil returns from the front and rear main bearings are just inside the pan so there is a constant flow of oil in these spots.

The rear part of the pan below the rear main bearing has only a thin part of the pan pressing on an equally thin section of oil pan gasket. This compounds the problem.

Add to that the very thin sheet metal of the oil pan itself often leads to distortion especially if the mounting bolts are over tightened. The small ribs between the bolt holes do not transmit the pressure of the bolts to the surface between the bolt holes leaving gaps for oil to seep through.

The MGB oil pan reinforcement plates are 3/16” steel plates fabricated to fit on the front and rear of the oil pan.

The attached pictures show how they work.

The first picture shows the complete kit.

The second picture shows the rear of the oil pan. Notice that in the center of the mating flange that the width of the flange narrows considerably.  This is due to a drain hole from the rear main bearing cap. Also notice that the raised ribs between the other bolt holes is missing from this center section.

The third picture shows a surface ground strap place on the flange between the center bolt holes. The strap is ground to be the same height as the ribs are above the base surface of the flange.

The fourth picture shows surface ground circular spacers placed over the bolt hole areas. Ditto on the height.

The fifth picture shows the 3/16″ steel plate placed over the flange. The plate touches the strap, the spacers and the ribs.

The sixth picture shows the front plate on the front of the oil pan. The only difference is that there is no strap, just five circular spacers.

When the bolts are installed and tightened the plates apply equal pressure to the entire front and rear of the oil pan.

Longer than stock grade eight bolts and new washers/lock washers are supplied with the plates.

The sides of the oil pan use the stock bolts and washers.

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1 review for 5 Main Bearing MGB Oil Pan Reinforcement Plates Stop Leaks

  1. Robo

    Rear piece was easy. Can’t get the front support on. Any ideas?

    • mgjbcfadmin

      I’m sorry you are having problems with the installation.

      If you are installing the plate on an engine that is out of the car, the edges of the oil pan are probably bent. Straighten the edges and the plate will fit right in.

      If you are installing the plates with the engine in the car here are a couple of suggestions:

      If you can’t wiggle the plate into position because of the front cross member, loosen, but do not remove, the front engine mount bolts and lift the engine a bit using a piece of wood across the bottom of the oil pan and a jack.

      If you can wiggle the plate into position but can’t install the bolts because of the front mount, try raising the engine as above to get some working room or replace the hex head bolts included in the kit with socket head screws of the same length. The Allen wrench used to tighten the socket head screws is much slimmer than a socket wrench.

      Please let me know how it goes.

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