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On almost every online forum discussion about British cars leaking engine oil in various places, mention is made of high pressure in the crankcase as being a major cause. Whether because of piston ring blowby or clogged or inadequate emissions or vents, most of the comments say lessening the pressure in the crankcase will help the situation.

Britcarfixes is offering a crankcase breather for MGB’s (except those with late model front engine mounts), Spridgets, and some Spitfires. It offers direct exit of pressure from the crankcase itself.

It bolts on the crankcase where the mechanical fuel pump was designed to fit.

If your car is not using a mechanical fuel pump and Moss Motors calls for gasket 296-220 for the mechanical fuel pump location, this breather will fit.

It is machined from billet aluminum. The center hole is tapped for 3/8” NPT (National pipe thread tapered) so you can install various types of connectors for tubing to route the crankcase fumes to a catch can or other device. It comes complete with 5/16” coarse thread socket head screws and special high neck lock washers which are used on socket head screws.

Installation is a simple bolt on. You can use a gasket or smear some rtv on the back of the breather to seal it to the block. On my Spridget race car I use gray rtv with some of the gray rtv also smeared on the threads of the socket head screws to insure there is no leakage.

Cost is $25.00 plus $7.55 domestic shipping to the US. International buyers contact me for shipping rates.

Thank you for viewing this new product from Britcarfixes!

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