1 7/8 Socket for removing big nut on rear axle housing


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Out of stock


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This BIG 1 7/8 ” socket is modified to make removing and installing the big nuts on the rear axle housing. This is the nut that holds the rear bearing to the housing.

No pun intended but this is a tough nut to crack! It is very narrow and has beveled sides on part of it. I struggled for years with adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches and who know what else to remove and tighten the bugger.

The inner bevel on  sockets makes it really hard to keep the socket engaged with the nut. I chucked this socket into my lathe and cut off the  inner bevel. The resulting machined surface is flat. The now straight internal sides of the socket really hold onto the nut.

Make your LBC life easier by purchasing this tool.

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