1275 Spridget Oil Pan Reinforcement Plate


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3 in stock


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Made of 3/16″ steel, this reinforcing plate set, along with the grade 8 hardware, provides even pressure along the entire sides of the oil pan on your Spridget, Morris Minor, original Mini, and any other BMC/Leyland/Rover series A engine with 1275 engine. Includes proper length grade 8 bolts, washers, and lock washers.

It eliminates the uneven pressure on the gasket between the holes for the mounting bolts. It also helps tighten the end seals more than a stock pan alone.

Often the oil pan, made of very thin sheet metal, gets distorted when the attaching bolts are over-tightened, creating gaps which leak oil. Solve that problem forever.

Note 1: If your oil pan is leaking at the very corners of the pan where the channel for the end seals is installed, the factory brazing has cracked. This must be re-brazed to get a good seal.

Note 2: Every oil pan that I have examined has differing amounts of brazing or soldering or JB weld (placed by a PO) to stop leaks at the corners of the pan where the channel for the end seal is installed. This reinforcement plate was designed to fit an oil pan with no “blobs” at the corners (see pictures).

If your oil pan has such blobs, you can very easily grind the very tips of the reinforcement plate so it will fit flat in the channel. Also, if the edge of your channel is bent, you will have to gently straighten out the bent sections.

Detailed installation sheet included.

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Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × .5 in


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