Spridget Ribcase Transmission Front Cover with Oil Seal


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3 in stock


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The lack of an oil seal for the input shaft on the front cover of the transmission has created many, many puddles of oil on garage floors and frustrated many Spridget owners.

Here is a front cover plate that has a double lip oil seal that rides on the machined portion of the input shaft next to the threaded area for the big nut that secures the front bearing. This is the way that BMC should have designed this part originally.

The plate comes with a new AN5-14a (aircraft) bolt to hold the t/o bearing lever, a new lock washer, a new locktab washer, a new Oilite sintered bronze bushing for the t/o lever, and new grade 8 nuts, washers, and lock washers which are used to bolt the plate to the transmission case.

The front plate is a used stock one that has been machined to accept an oil seal holder.

Before machining for the oil seal holder, each plate has been carefully inspected for cracks, gouges, and warping. Mounting holes are reamed to their original size. The plates are tested on the front of a transmission to ensure they fit the input shaft bearing.

The threads in the mounting hole for the bolt that acts as a fulcrum for the lever are removed with a chucking reamer and a new AN5-14a (aircraft) bolt is used. A locking nut secures the bolt to the plate. This is actually stronger than the original and does not affect installation or operation.

The oil seal holder is a hard press fit into the front plate. On the inside the holder is secured and sealed to the plate with a generous amount of high temp metallic epoxy. Each plate is coated with high temp engine coating. The oil seal is pressed into the holder.

The plate is a drop-in replacement for the original. The new plate may be mounted without dis-assembling the transmission.

As the plates are made from used ones, there is a $50 refundable core charge so I can continue to offer them. The new plate will be shipped with an addressed return package. All you have to do is put your old but in good condition plate in the return package and ship it anyway you wish. As soon as I receive the plate and ascertain it is in good shape, I will refund the $50 to your account.

If you wish you may send me your good plate before buying. That way there will be no core charge. Email me if you wish to follow this path.

The price for the front cover plate with oil seal is $110 plus the refundable $50 core charge. Shipping is $10.60 via USPS Priority Mail. International buyers please contact me for shipping costs.

Detailed installation instructions including torque values are included with the plate.

I have used a prototype of this design on my SCCA racing Spridget. The last picture shows the tranny after a weekend. It does not leak!

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