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An Easy Way To Remove and Replace the Clutch Throw Out Lever Bushing

An Easy Way To Remove and Replace the Clutch Throw Out Lever Bushing

The little bronze bushing in the clutch throw out lever wears faster than we think.

If you have the transmission out of the car for any reason, it is best to replace this wear item.

Here is an easy way to do it. After removing the lever from the transmission here are the steps.

1. Get a scrap piece of 2×4 lumber and drill a 1/2” hole in it near one of the edges. See Pic 1

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2. Position the lever over the hole as shown in Pic 2. You may have to use another piece of wood if your 2×4 is not thick enough. The lever should lie flat on the wood.

Pic 2

3.Round up a hammer and any piece of round metal about 3/8” thick or very slightly larger for a drift. The od of the bushing is 7/16” and you don’t want the drift binding in the hole of the lever. See Pic 3. The drift I am using is a head bolt from a small block Chevy. Position the drift in the center of the bushing and give it several sharp raps to get the bushing started. Then all it takes is tapping it on out.

Pic 3

4. Using a vise, position the new bushing and lever as shown in Pic 4. Examine the hole of the lever. One side has a little more chamfer than the other. Put the bushing in the chamfered side.

Pic 4


Gently tighten the vise a little. Remove the assembly from the vise to see if the bushing is going in straight. If not, wiggle the lever and bushing so you are squeezing on the side of the bushing that is not engaged. You may have to do it several times.

Once it is lined up the bushing will slide in easily as you tighten the vise. See Pics 5 and 6. If you don’t have a vise, an arbor press or a hydraulic press will work fine. Hammering it in will mushroom the end of the bushing.Pic 5

Pic 6

5. You will probably have to ream the bushing to accept the 5/16” bolt. Here’s how I do it. I place a 5/16” drill bit in the vise pointy side up. Place the lever on the drill bit as seen in Pic 7. Slowly rotate it clockwise while pressing down. See Pic 8. The point of the drill will bite into the bushing. It’s like cutting threads with a tap. Keep rotating and pressing down until the bit comes all the way through. See Pic 9. Rotate clockwise while gently pulling the lever off the bit.

Pic 7

Pic 8

Pic 9

6. The 5/16” bolt should slide smoothly in with very little slide play. See Pic 10.

Pic 10

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