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Installing and Reaming Bushes on Spridget Front Axles – Part One of Three

This is the first of three parts on the process.

I know there are very competent and professional folks who install and ream bushings for our little cars bu I am too cheap to avail myself of their services. Plus, I like to do things myself

As I was preparing to re-bush and ream a friend’s three Spridget (don’t ask why three- it’s what he brought!) front axles I remembered how hard it was for me to start the bushings straight in the hydraulic press. Not wanting to screw things up I decided to make a new gizmo to start the bushings.

The first picture shows two aluminum pilots I made. The clearances are loose as the bushings are crushed in the housings. It also shows two stepped washers that fit in the bushings to locate the threaded rod centrally in the housing.

installation tool 1

The second picture shows the bushings on the pilots and the third picture shows the larger bushing with the pilot partially inserted in the housing. Again, the clearance is loose as after measuring two or three axles, there are variances. Also the machining in the holes are rough as a cob, maybe to better grip the bushing. Anyway they are rough!

installation tool 2 installation tool 3

The fourth picture shows the threaded rod assembly with the bushing ready to be installed. The idea is to squeeze the bushing partially in by turning the nut on the rod. The rod is concentric with the housing so that the bushing is pulled in while straight.

installation tool 4

The fifth picture shows the bushing partially installed. The press will finish the job.

installation tool 5

I did two practice axles and the gizmo works great!

Now the hardest part is removing the old bushings!

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