Spridget axle housing with distributor drive inserted

Easier Way to Pull Spridget Rear Hubs

Shown below are four pictures which tell the story of an easy way to pull a Spridget Rear Hub.

First, be sure the car is secure on jackstands. Drain the oil from the dif if you wish. Remove the wheel and axle.

Remove the large retaining nut. Remember one side has reverse threads.

The first picture shows the tools you will need: a 5″ capacity two jaw puller, a proper size wrench to turn the puller screw, and a distributor drive from an “A” series engine. This is the offset slotted shaft seen when you remove the distributor.

Tools to pull Spridget rear hubs
Tools to pull Spridget rear hubs

The second picture shows the distributor drive inserted into the end of the axle housing with the offset slot visible. The large end is very slightly smaller in diameter than the axle housing so it provides a ready stop for the support the puller.

Spridget axle housing with distributor drive inserted
Spridget axle housing with distributor drive inserted

The third picture shows the puller on the axle/hub assembly. Be sure to get the ends of the puller jaws firmly set behind the large part of the hub so it can securely pull on the hub. Also be sure to get the end of the puller screw in the hole of the distributor drive. Now begin to turn the puller screw. It may be hard to turn if the hub has not been off in a long time. It will “pop” free and will be easy to turn until the hub is removed.

IMG 2912 2

The fourth picture shows the completed work.

IMG 2913 2

Imbedded in the fourth picture Is another hint: use empty quart or larger oil containers as drain pans to catch the drips when you first remove the axle.

If you have questions, contact me at mg_john@hotmail.com

Thanks for watching. I hope you found this helpful!

2 thoughts on “Easier Way to Pull Spridget Rear Hubs

  • James D Davis October 23, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    I saw your roller throw out bearing on YouTube. I will be pulling my 61 Sprite engine 948 cc soon to reseal it and would like to go to this type of throw out bearing but noticed you have it labeled for the 1275 cc engine. So will it work on the 948 or do you have one that will work on the 948?

    1. John Hewell October 23, 2023 at 7:19 pm

      Thank you for your interest and question.

      I think it would be difficult to fit the roller clutch release bearing into a 948 Sprite.

      The reason is that the roller assembly is taller than the stock 948 assembly as measured from the front of the bearing to the back of the location pins which fit into the clutch release fork.

      The effect is to push the external pushrod which is mounted on the outside end of the clutch release fork further into the clutch slave cylinder. It would probably bottom out.

      You might be able to shorten the pushrod so that it would work.


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