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Hold Differential Steady While Working On It

If you’ve ever worked on a Spridget differential when it is on your workbench you know it’s like holding a squiggly baby. No matter how you place it on the bench it turns and twists as it wants to.

Here is a simple way to hold that squiggly thing.

Picture one shows the basic unit. Three lengths of 1/2″ square bar 8.5″ long. Three 1/4″ bolts about 3/4″ long.

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Picture two and three show the bars mounted on a differential. Note that they are spaced to form a triangular pattern for maximum stability.

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Keys to success: be sure the bars are of the same length. Be sure the cuts on the ends of the bars are square. Be sure the threaded holes in the end of the bars are centered and straight.



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